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To insure the effective and efficient operationalization of the structures and Mechanism adopted for the implementation of BESRA, various Technical Working Groups were created through DepED Order No. 69, s. 2007 and DepED Order 16, s. 2008. Each TWG shall be responsible for corresponding aspects of BESRA outlined in appropriate sections of the BESRA Program Implementation Plan version 2006.

the Technical Working Group - Quality Assurance and Accountability/Monitoring and Evaluation

which corresponds to BESRA Key Reform Thrust (KRT) 3, consists the follwoing officers nad members:

Core Technical Secretariat Members
Director Yolanda Quijano, BEE
Director Lorna Dig-Dino, NEAP
Director Socorro Pilor, IMCS
Director Carolina Guerrero, BALS
Director Isabelita Borres, ADD Mindanao
Director Paraluman Giron, ADD
Ms. Ester Dijamco, OPS-RSD
Ms. Miriam Coprado, OPS-PDED
Mr. Roger Masapol, OPS-PPD
Ms. Ethel Valenzuela, SEAMEO-INNOTECH
Mr. Napoleon Imperial, NEDA
Mr. Arnulfo Empleo, NAPSSHI
Mr. Ezequiel Guanzon, NASSPHIL
Ms. Cecilia Geronimo, PAES
Mr. Franklin Marcelo, PESPA
Mr. Sharif Adzhar Sarahadil, PASS
Ms. Marissa Navales, CWC
Ms. Merle Tan, UP - NISMED
Ms. Dolores Galura, DBM
LCF Representative

Mr. Raul Vargas. BSE
Ms. Ana Marie Hernandez, BSE
Ms. Lotus Postrado, OPS-PDED
Mr. Dexter Pante, OPS-PDED
Ms. Erlinda Leva, BSE
Mr. Edward Garcia, BSE
Ms. Ma. Victoria Necesito, OPS-PDED
Ms. Lilia San Valentin, OPS-PDED
Ms. Ma. Katrina Gregorio, OPS-PPD
Ms. Ma. Rossana Carnecer, OPS-RSD
Mr. Ronald Espinoza, NEAP
Ms. Nemia Manlapaz, NEAP
Ms. Marites Telewik, OPS-PDED
Ms. Aileen Leigh Ong, TWG-QAA/M&E

Mr. Rey Macalindong, TWG-QAA/M&E Consultant